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There are nearly 2.5 million construction workers who depend on scaffolding to do their job. Due to improper scaffolding and related accidents, about 5000 construction workers are killed or suffer serious injuries each year.

Many of these accidents could have been prevented if state and federal safety precautions were followed by employers or contractors.

Serious scaffold accidents are commonly the result of steep falls with no fall protection, a collapse of the scaffold caused by instability, overloading or improper construction, Workers below being hit by falling tools, work materials and debris. Or electrocution, if the scaffold comes into contact with power lines.

Example of a Lawsuit that resulted from a Fall From Staging at a Construction Site:

Injuries alleged: Dislocation of both arms, right shoulder problems, psychological injuries

A 36 year old fireproof sprayer fell over 10 feet from a defective scaffold to a concrete floor. The worker's sustained severe arm and elbow injuries.

As a result of the accident, the worker claimed that he could no longer work as a sprayer. The general contractor defending the claim, argued that the worker was the sole and proximate cause of his injury. The contractor produced evidence claiming that the worker leaned over the safety railing of the staging.

The injured worker claimed that the general contractor knowingly permitted this defective stage to remain on the worksite and failed to hire "competent persons" to supervise and to ensure compliance with the minimum requirements of federal law as it pertained to tubular staging. The case was tried and the worker was awarded $1.4 million.

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