Construction Accidents Law

Construction accidents kill and injure hundreds of thousands of workers each year. Indeed, working at a construction site is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. The purpose of this web site is to help victims of construction site accidents and their families find legal counsel to secure their rights after an accident. The site also features information about construction accidents and the legal issues involved. If you require legal help immediately contact us here. Your inquiry will be reviewed by an attorney experienced in construction law.

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Construction Accident Law
Information about the legal aspects of construction accidents.
Crane Accidents
Injuries caused by defective or negligently operated cranes, hoists and derricks.
Scaffolding Accidents
Injuries caused by falls and poor scaffolding.
Compressed Gases
Injuries caused by explosive, corrosive, poisonous gas.
Defective Machines and heavy equipment
Accidents related to dangerous equipment, tools and machines.
Construction Falls
Injuries caused by falls from ladders, lifts and scaffolds.
Logging Accidents
Injuries associated with felling and moving trees.
Welding Accidents
Injuries caused by explosive, corrosive, poisonous gas.

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